Reading comprehension troubles

Some of the medication Meg takes for her epilepsy can have a negative impact on cognition, as if epilepsy wasn’t enough to live with right?!  As a result, she’s had to work a little bit harder academically than the average kid her age.  Lucky for us Meghan has always shown such an amazing passion for learning, even when the going got tough.  Like most kids she’s had the occassional melt down, but she’s never quit or said she didn’t want to do her work.  Quite the opposite! 

Recently Meg had some trouble with reading comprehension.  Her teacher had these cute stuffed stars with reading prompts on them that the kids love to use in class.  So rather than buy a set (gotta save money these days *grin*), we copied down the questions and made our own version of them…


After we read a story we have her close her eyes and pick a stick…


Each stick has a question that she has to answer…

IMG_4714 IMG_4717

IMG_4712 IMG_4711

IMG_4718 IMG_4720

IMG_4719 IMG_4715

she’s had so much fun with these and we’ve seen an improvement so we thought we’d share.  

I love watching Meghan learn and grow, she’s an amazing little girl who has come so far.  She stole my heart from the first moment I heard her heartbeat.  There are some things a mommy can’t kiss away, but I feel blessed to have a loving and supportive family who encourage and love her just as much as I do and are there whenever I need them.  Life is good!

 If you know any ways to help improve reading comprehension please feel free to share it by commenting or adding a link.

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