Children of the Corn "Maze"

Meg and Daddy decided to take a trip to Sweetfield Farms two weeks ago with her cousins for some weekend fall fun and attempt their 4 acre corn maze.  Is it just me or do most mommies start thinking about sunscreen, bumble bees, corn snakes and allergies when it comes to outdoor excursions?  Yeah, I’m an overly-cautious Mommy, but I’d rather be an ounce over-cautious than under, right?


Yeah I’ll admit I also had visions of Malachai from the movie Children of The Corn snatching my child and disappearing into the cornfields.



Thankfully, there were no freaky children to be found, well for the most part anyway!  I kid!

Ugly Baby

Anyway, the corn maze up was set up with check points where they had to answer a question and if answered correctly would point you in the right direction, but if answered incorrectly would send you to a dead end.

Meg happily played follow the leader and led Daddy through the corn maze answering all the questions with ease.

There was tons for the kids to do!  They had all sorts of hay bales set up like dragsters, spiders, and tractors for the kids to climb over.

*Cue Rocky music*

There were photo opportunities to be had…

sweetfield Meg

Water games to play…


Pumpkins to pick from…

pumpkin cousins

treehouses to be climbed, corn shooters and hayrides to be had.

Meg treehouse

All in all it was a fabulous day and Meghan was excited to tell me all about it when she got home.  Of course, I hugged her and told her I was happy that she’d had such a great day with Daddy and her cousins, however the mommy in me was thinking thank (insert expletive) for no Malachai, bee stings, cornsnakes, or allergies!  Life is good!

Check back  Monday to see how our Halloween went!

8 thoughts on “Children of the Corn "Maze"

  1. Happy Halloween from one SISTSA to another.

    My kids love corn mazes. My youngest still brags about the time SHE was the one who was able to lead us out 🙂


  2. Very cool. Someone was jut telling me about this the other day. I heard they’re running it through next weekend so we might try to go this weekend.


  3. Love the blog! We just opened the sunflower maze this past weekend. We might have some blooms this weekend, but if not the next for sure. It would be nice if you could make it again. Thanks, it is sites like this that help support the little people like us!
    Sweetfields Farm


  4. Aww thanks for the comment Ted! I’ve gotten quite a few hits on my corn maze post 77 today alone! We love Sweetfields Farm it’s so kid friendly and educational too! We’ll definitely be there for the Sunflower Maze! Thanks for posting a comment. 🙂


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