A "Spook"tacular Night

Meggers decided that for Halloween ’09 she was going to be none other than…

Yup!  You guessed it! Hannah Montana!  And, a very cute one too, if I do say so myself.

hannah meg

Once our friends made it to the house we took a few pics…


… and headed on over to my sister’s house for some trick-or-treat fun.  When we got there, my Mum had put out a lovely spread for us all to eat before we headed out into the ungodly humid night air.


We walked around the neighborhood, chatting and watching the kids run from door-to-door, begging for candy.


The kids scored boat loads of candy and were happy to sort it all out once we got back to my sister’s house.

The next day my feet were killing me!  My hubby was a complete saint and watched the kids while my bestie, my sister and I did a little retail therapy followed by a fabulous pedicure!  A great way to end the weekend me thinks!


Have a great WW and be sure to check out more Wordless Wednesday and Special Exposure Wednesday.

12 thoughts on “A "Spook"tacular Night

  1. Very nice toes! MY SIL was here this weekend and I got a pedi too! Love Hannah Montana, she’s way cool! And you’re right, it was so damn hot on Halloween. Grr.


  2. Hey, Kirst! Love the new blog!! Meg looks so cute as Hannah!! Our Halloween was freezing here in Chicago! It’s hard to do costumes when you have to wear a coat! I loaded up Big A with clothes underneath his spiderman costume so he looks like a midget sized 40 year old spiderman with a beer gut! lol


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