Fishy Troubles…

Ye shall have a little fishy, on a little dishy.  Ye shall have a little fishy, when the boat comes in.”  Cute right?!  A little nursery rhyme from my youth I though fitting to begin my story.  Well, maybe not considering that I’m going to be talking about a pet fish…  not an edible fish…  Hmmm? Ach just go with it.  


So a couple of weeks ago Meg’s Gran and older cousin  won her a couple fish at the Fall Festival.  Meg quickly named them Carly fish and Sam fish, after the characters from iCarly, one of her many favorite shows.  

The fish were quite skittish and pretty much kept to the corner of the tank.  Not surprising really,  considering they were put in a bag of blue-ish water,  tossed in a bucket and left to await their fate.  

Anyhoo, it was cute when we noticed Sam fish had the same eating habits as the character she was named after.   Carly fish would take one little flake of food, eat it, regurgitate it, eat it, regerg… you get the idea right?! Where as Sam fish would zip around the tank eating everything and anything that resembled a fish flake. 

About a week after Meg recieved her fish we went in to feed them one evening and I got excited.  It looked like Carly had overcome her fears and braved her way to the middle of the tank.

“Look Meg see… Carly’s getting braver she’s not in the corner anymore.” 

“Nobody puts Carly in a corner.” Sorry I couldn’t resist!

However, when I got closer to the tank I realized that Carly wasn’t swimming at all and was in-fact stuck to the filter.  The water flow made it look as though her tail fin was moving, but upon closer inspection, clearly not the case.  

I broke the news to Meg and again went over the life expectancy of a carny fish.  Daddy was called in to say a few words and do the royal flush.  

After Carly’s toilet funeral, Meg walked up to the tank and looked lovingly at Sam. 

“Sam you know how you used to have a friend that you loved named Carly, well she’s dead!  Don’t worry though I’m still your friend.”  

A little blunt!  Maybe? But it got a smile out of me.

A few days later her best friend Kaya came over, they were sitting side by side on her bed looking at the fish tank and I overheard Meg say. 

“Yep Carly is (insert big raspberry sound here).”  I about spit my tea out as I listened to their innocent conversation about Carly and how I’d told Meg if Sam goes (insert raspberry again)  she can get a new fish.   It was hysterical because it seemed to be such an important and serious conversation.  Eeee kids!

Meg cracked me up once again yesterday when she came up to me all excited and said

“Mom Sam Fish is still swimming around, she hasn’t become a toilet fish yet?”

I hope she doesn’t think if Daisy Dog dies she’ll get the royal flush?  Yikes!  Hmm think I’ll wait until she brings it up!  R.I.P Carly!!

6 thoughts on “Fishy Troubles…

  1. Oh no, so sorry to hear about Carly’s demise, but those carnival fish have a pretty short life expectancy I think. We’ve killed a few ourselves. I love that your daughter was pretty no-nonsense about it. Carly simply became a toilet fish. Maybe if she’d had a heartier appetite she could’ve had a fighting chance. We watch a lot of iCarly here too. 😉


  2. Hubby from Newcastle was amazed to find the fishie song was on a kiddie CD we got here in the states – I am American and had never heard it before!

    RIP Carly. : (


  3. That last comment of mine was made in a hurry, so this time I’ll actually comment on this funny story.
    Best part for me – “become a toilet fish”. Made me think of taking a dirt nap.

    This also reminded me of when one daughter came back from the pet shop with a rabbit. I was not pleased (we don’t live in the country). She had to take it back. All the kids disliked me for awhile.


  4. RIP Carly-Carnie fish, but funny blog, great how children see things!!!! Laughed at the rasberry bit!!!!!!!!!!! Will have to rememeber that way of telling it.


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