Aww shucks!!

I’ve been feeling a little bummed lately as I’ve had a bit of computer trouble. I haven’t been able to visit some of my favorite blogs or write as much as I’d like to.    So it was a nice surprise to find out my sister over at If I could escape and Lisleman over at A few clowns short had bestowed upon me two lovely awards otherwise known as Bloggy Bling!

As with all Bloggy Bling there are rules you must adhere too and they’re usually as follows: 

1.  Mention the people who gave you the award  *Glances up* Done! 

2.  Tell your readers a few things that they don’t know about you.  

3.  Finally pass the bling on to some of your favorite bloggers.

 The first award I recieved was from my sister.  Thank you! Very cute!

meme award

Upon acceptance of this award I’m supposed to list  seven traits I posess, but what kind of traits?  Personality?  Character?  Genetic?  Oh Lord!  Why did my mind automatically go to the seven deadly sins? Yikes! Here goes…

1.  Anxious – I’m a worry wart! A lot of things make me nervous and I’m a total “what if?” person.  Trying to change and be more of a live in the moment kind of gal, but thus far… not so much! 

2.  Honest – I don’t lie and I don’t sugar coat!  If you don’t want an honest answer don’t ask me.  It’s not always the easiest path, but it’s the right one.  The more lies you tell, the more you’ve gotta remember and my memory sucks so the truth just works for me *grin*.

3.  Faithful – To friends, family, and commitments I have.   I feel the need to elaborate on friends and family.

Friends – George Washington once said “True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation.”  Powerful and true!  I don’t have an abundance of friends, but I have a handful of really good ones who walked in at a time when it was much easier to walk out.  I’m thankful for those friends and it’s to them I’m faithful and vice versa. 

Family – You should always be able to count on and find comfort in your family.  I love my family and even though life might sometimes take us in different directions,  my heart and my door are always open. 

4.  Funny – I like to laugh and I like to make people laugh.  I’ve been told I’m funny, fun to be around and by golly I agree. 

5.  Random – I have a tendancy  in conversation to be a little random.  Don’t blame me, blame… my brain!  It tends to make me say stuff that has nothing to do with the subject at hand.  Don’t say a word Karen!!! 😉

6.  Obsessive Compulsive  – When I butter my toast, whatever tasty spread I use has to touch all the edges, there can be no toast left un-buttered.   Things have to be symmetrical when decorating, planting, etc.  I have to know where all the hospitals are if we go on vacation.  Safety First or at least that’s what I tell myself!

7.  Open minded – I embrace change, diversity, and new ideas.  I feel we need to be open minded so that we can learn, grow and change.  Life is like a box of choc… just kidding!  You can’t fully understand something unless you’re willing to learn about it from all angles.  

Phew!  Made it through those seven now it’s time to pass along the bloggy bling. 

1.  Sandcastle Full Of Monkeys

2.  19th Mayflower

3.  Island Roar

4.  Bell and Nell

5.  My A Cup Runneth Over Get back to blogging woman you’re missed!

6.  D.M. Wright Books  It’s been a while andI’m glad you’re back!

7.  A few clowns short  Right back atcha!!

 My second award is the honest scrap award from Isleman.  Thank you!


See I told you I’m honest *grin*!  The rules that came with this award are pretty much the same except instead of seven traits you have to write… TEN? *cough* ten things about yourself your readers may not know.  I’ve told you seven things already,  so as to avoid Carpal Tunnel I thought I’d just add three more.

8.  I love Christmas!  I love the twinkly lights, the smell of pine trees, cinnamon, hot cocoa, and freshly baked cookies.  Tracking Santa and reading “The Night Before Christmas” are just a few of the traditions in our family.

9.  I’m a closet Twilight fan!  I’ve read all the books!  The movie didn’t hold a candle to the book , but I’ve seen it three times.  I have to say I feel a little cougar-ish when I watch Edward and Jacob.  Yummy!  I can’t wait for New Moon in 5 days.  Yay!

10.  I like to draw!  I’m a bit of an amatuer, but I’m hoping to learn more from a good friend of mine who’s an amazing artist.  Here’s one of my rough drafts of Meg, what do ya think?


Alright so now I need to pass the honest scrap award on to ten people.

1.  Sprite’s Keeper  One of the first blogs I started reading and still love.

2.  Boondock Ramblings  Gotta love little Jonathan.

3.  The Good Father  Where have you been buddy?  Think it’s that time of year again!  You know for another snow angel. *wink*

4.  If I Could Escape  My sister

5.  Keeping Up With The Schultz Family

6.  Good Morning Glory

7.  Grasping at Objectivity

8.  The Bitching Wife’s Club

9.  Nap Warden  You know she designed my site!

10.  Half As Good As You  Casey just rocks!!

And now my work here is done!  Phew!

8 thoughts on “Aww shucks!!

  1. Hey, we have a lot in common. I like to draw, and I am completely OCD when it comes to buttering toast or covering bread with anything. Now my grown kids are the same; they are apalled if someone gives them a PB&J sandwich without the bread being totally coated.
    And THANK YOU for the award!! I’m so honored. Except now I have to come up with 7 things about myself….. uh-oh!


  2. Thanks, Kirst! I was wondering about the computer trouble. I keep adding your site to my Google Reader but the updates aren’t registering! I can only catch news of an update when I see it on Facebook. Grr, Google!
    I think Good Father’s birthday just passed too. I hope he’s all right. I miss him too.


  3. I love you for number #6. I spent 2 hours taking Q-Tips to the window sills. Because I’m weird like that. It’s also one of the reasons I haven’t been around much. Thanks for the award! MISS YOU!


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