Random Tuesday Thoughts


First and foremost Meg and I are doing a giveaway so make sure you check it out by clicking HERE!

My modem took a dump on me this week and I feel so lost without my computer!  I’m actually sneaking onto hubby’s work computer so that I can put up a post or two.  My blackberry has been my lifeline to the Internet lately, but hoping it’ll all be fixed by tomorrow night.

Meggers lost another tooth this week and put it under her pillow.  When she fell asleep it seemed the tooth fairy and her hubby only had… a FIVE dollar bill?  Crap!  So here’s my question: Are we bad parents being that we borrowed four quarters from her crayon piggy bank to put in a ziploc under her pillow?   I mean she had no idea what we did and was pleased as punch upon finding the quarters, so pleased in fact that I received a military hazing with the bag of quarters as she flopped them in my face.  Looks like she might get the five dollars after all out of pure guilt.

Oh my hubby has started calling me crypt keeper because I have kept all the teeth she lost.  Does anyone else keep this stuff?  What’s the weirdest thing you’ve kept?

Been going back and forth about dying my hair brown again, but I’m a bit of chicken!  All my friends across the pond (in the UK) are quite brave with their hair.  If I decide to do it I’ll definitely post a picture.  Well, if it turns out alright. *wink*  Heck with as long as my roots are right now I might as well just go for it.

Does anyone else feel a bit cougar-ish when it comes to admiring Edward and Jacobs good looks and fabulous six packs (drool)?  Why didn’t they make ’em like that when I was younger?  I’m looking forward to seeing New Moon!  However, I’m waiting a few days for the  mania to die down a bit, can’t take all the screamin’ tweens.  Does that make me an old fuddy duddy? *grin*  In my defense when I went to see Twilight I had to yell at some kid for using a pointer laser all over the screen.  I mean come on! It costs a bundle these days to go to the theatre and I don’t want to spend it watching a red light circling Bella’s boob or Edward’s package.

Can’t wait for my mum to get back from Scotland Friday!  Missing her loads.  It’s just not the same when she’s not around, but I’m glad she’s getting to spend lots of time with her brothers, sisters, and all our cousins.

Have you noticed as you get older that it’s less about plucking your eyebrows and more about getting the stray hairs on your chin before you turn into a billy goat gruff?  I was devastated when I found a stray hair squatting on my chin but when it invited it’s friends well… that was just plain rude!

Oooo did I mention Meg and I were doing a giveaway, make sure you check it out!

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5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. I am also debating the “back to my brown roots” coloring question…may as well…and the winter is the perfect time for it. Think I’ll be doing it MOnday.
    Put me in the COUGAR category, as I went to the NEW MOON movie with my teen and her friends this past Sat. night and found myself sighing at the six pack abs. I did NOT, however, expect the WHOOT that came out of my 14 year old when Jacob took his shirt off. Oh, my. I guess I’ll never be prepared for that!!
    Edward doesn’t do it for me, though. He always seems to have a pained look on his face that is a cross between lust and constipation.


  2. Sorry to hear about your modem crapping out on you. No, you’re not the only weirdo that saves stuff like that. We haven’t lost any teeth here yet but we’ve got all of the haircuts saved.

    Coloring is a tough one, I never keep up with it so I don’t color my hair anymore.


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