Florida Snowman!!

Here’s a post I did last year on how to make a Snowman in Florida.  It’s a great craft to do with the kiddos!

Where I live there’s not much chance of… wait!  Absolutely no chance of snow which means no snowmen, no crazy bets about making snow angels in my underwear (oh we miss you dear Good Father), no pictures of the kids in their snowsuits having snowball fights and sledding *sigh*.  I mean technically I could get out the snow cone machine, but the motor would blow before got enough snow for any of the for-mentioned activities.  So you can imagine how super excited I was to stumble across this cool snowman craft last year and the best part about it… Absolutely NO snow required as a matter of fact here’s all you need…

1 Pyrex Dish

1 Grater

1 bar of Ivory Soap

1 roll of toilet paper

Some warm water and an area you don’t mind getting a little bit messy.

First take turns grating you soap into the Pyrex dish (a plastic grater might be better suited for younger kids).


Then tear up some toilet paper and cover the soap!  You don’t need the whole roll of toilet paper or you might end up with something resembling an over-sized spit balls although it would smell nice!

cam 2

Finally add some warm water (start out with less you can always add more) and let the kiddos mush it around until it’s a nice and gushy texture that you can shape and mold.  Make a ball and then wrap one sheet of toilet paper around it and roll until you get a snowy looking texture.

cam 3

Here’s our snowman taking shape.  You can use whatever you want to decorate him.  We used googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glitter and paper for hats.

cam 4

TA DAAA!!!  Here’s the end result a super cute Florida Snowman!

cam 5

Meg made a little snowman that looked as though he had some attitude… “What?  That’s right faux snow in the hiz-ouse!!”

cam 6

So there you have it, that’s how you make a Florida snowman!  Enjoy!

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