Sunday Tea With The Family…

This past Sunday we all packed up in the car and headed down to my mums house for a big Sunday dinner.  Mum was in her element doing what she loves most, cooking away in the kitchen!  However, with a wee bit of encouragement,  managed to take a break to have  a cuppa and do a crossword with me.


Meg was loving all the Christmas decorations mum had put out and I told her how when we were little Grandma used to take us to get a real tree and how she’d play lots of Christmas music while we decorated it with tinsel.


I also told Meg how we used to hang our stockings from the mantelpiece and how we’d put out milk and cookies for Santa too.  Ummm, no Meg we didn’t do yoga at Christmas.


My sister and her boys arrived and we all sat down to dinner…


I even managed to pose for snap a wee shot of me too…


The house smelled wonderful, mum had cooked lamb or as hubby calls it crack on a stick, he loves the way my mum cooks lamb.  The sides were potatoes, and medley of roasted veggies.  Oh and her yummy gravy!!!


It was such lovely, no stress day and reminded me of Christmas growing up, such a warm, loving, and magical time.  I remember one year getting a blue bicycle and a doll with a red velvet dress and thinking they were the best gifts EVER!!!

We gathered the kids in front of the fireplace for a photo but it was really hard to get them all smiling and just when we thought we had it Meg did this…


but I did manage to get this cute one of her…


her hand is strategically placed to hide the bumble bee tattoo *grin*.   All in all it was a great afternoon spent with family.

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