Live from the North Pole…

“Meg you got an email!”

“I did Mommy?”

“Yep come see!”

Meg sat down to watch her video email from Santa Claus. 


“Wow Meg!”

She sat spell bound as Santa told her that there was a bit of a snow storm in the North Pole but it wouldn’t stop him from visiting her in Florida. 

I almost started crying when Santa said he knew how hard she’d been working all year and she answered “Yes Santa!” 

All day she couldn’t stop talking about her special message from Santa.

Later that night when we were snuggled up watching T.V. I asked her what her favorite part of the message was.

“When Santa opened his book and there was a picture of me Mommy and he knew I wanted Sponge Bob Connect Four!”

“Amazing huh!”


” I love you Meg!”

“I love you too Mommy!”

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