Move over Delia Smith there's a new chef in town…

Hubby and I like to split our time equally between families during the holidays and I think we’re pretty lucky that it’s always worked out quite nicely!  Christmas Day is spent with my family, whilst Christmas Eve is spent with hubby’s family. 

Traditionally we host Christmas Eve at our house and this year I thought  I might try my hand at Mince Pies!  My sister who makes them every year with her boys was quick to help me by sharing her very easy recipe.

Meg and I started out by gathering the ingredients (Mince meat, apples, cranberries, walnuts, sherry and or orange juice).  I pealed and chopped the apples while Meg did all the mixing…


I may have indulged a little in the Sherry while Meg wasn’t looking…


The mix should look a little something like this when it’s done…


Next we rolled out the dough, made cupcake size pie shells and filled them with our mix and put them in the oven…


We did a little goofing around while we waited for our Mince Pies to brown in the oven.


we even decided to decorate Crazy Daisy while we waited, although I don’t think she was amused in the slightest and instead hung her head as if to say  “Why is this happening to me? This is sooo humiliating!”


Twenty minutes later the timer went off, I pulled the mince pies out of the oven, let them cool and sprinkled a little confection sugar on them.  I felt like a proper little  Delia Smith!


Funny thing!  I was telling my mum I’d made these wonderful pies and she was quite chuffed, she even put in an order for Christmas Day!  Of course I’ll be happy to oblige, but any more orders and I might have to start charging.

19 thoughts on “Move over Delia Smith there's a new chef in town…

  1. What kind of meat is the minced meat? By minced meat does that just mean chopped very finely? THey look really good. In fact, my son just asked if we could make them tomorrow after seeing your pictures.



  2. ….indeed! A new chef…everything looks yummy. Love the pooch photo too.

    I have a Christmas wish along with my usual Wednesday post today. [the Wednesday issue of posting is below my ‘card’ posted just for you….]


    …for the permalink to my day’s post, click here.


  3. That was hilarious, loved the decorated dog photo and you sneaking a drag of alcohol whilst your daughter looks away………………. charging for mince pies – Little Betty’s in York charge £18 a box for their mail order mince pies, get marketing them !!!! tee hee heeee. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!!!!!


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