Meggers IEP Update!!

We had Meghan’s IEP meeting this past week and we are so proud of the progress she’s made.   She has such a great team working with her and they all had nothing but positive feedback for us. 

First her physical therapist told us that she’d tested Meg and she’d mastered all of her seven-year old skills and some eight-year old skills which is AWESOME!  What does this mean?  She will no longer be pulled for PT.  Yay! Instead her physical therapist will check in on her every four weeks to makes sure she is still making gains and not regressing.  How big of an achievement is this?  Well, Meg’s been in PT for six long years for various reasons associated with seizures she’s had and medications she’s taken. It’s been a long process of watching her get discouraged when she wasn’t keeping up with her peers, but Meg never gave up and she’s made us proud with her sheer determination to work hard and do better and we’re happy to say it’s  finally paid off.

Next they told us she was doing well in both speech and occupational therapy too.  Double Yay!!  They recommended that she only be pulled once a week instead of twice and we agreed.

It’s the best feeling in the world when someone tells you that your child is a joy to work with, always happy and never complains.  Who wouldn’t want to hear that right?!  We were just so proud of her.

Her teachers informed us that she’d made great gains in the classroom, she did have one or two areas that needed strengthening so they recommended that she be pulled by her ESE teacher for RTI (response to intervention) once a week to focus on those areas of concern.

We left the meeting feeling very proud of her academic and personal achievements and made sure we let her know how proud we were of her.

Oh and as far as the medicine goes… she’s down to 4 1/2 cc’s of Phenobarbital twice a day from 15 cc’s twice a day.  If you know anything about Meg’s history you would know any time we dipped below 10 cc’s she would go into status seizures, so this is HUGE!!!  Seems the Keppra is working well for her.

In her short life we’ve been on such a long journey of ups and downs, tears and laughter, but Meg has taught us a thing or two about strength and I truly believe that strength will take her far in life.  We’ve always told her she can do anything as long as she applies herself and works hard for it.  She is truly one very special child and a blessing in our life.

6 thoughts on “Meggers IEP Update!!

  1. Meggers is amazing! Her strength and resiliance could teach the rest of us a thing or two. Well done little lady! It must just be the best feeling to learn how much she has progressed. I feel proud for you guys! Enjoy indeed! xxx


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