100th Day of school!

Today is Meg’s 100th day of school!

To celebrate she made this poster in the shape of the number 100 and filled it with a hundred stars. 

She packed a box of Fruit Loops for some count by 10 games they’re going to play at school today.

And today was a Ditch the (school uniform) Duds day to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  So Meg decided to wear her jeans,  a Peace, Love, and Recycle t-shirt that Grandma bought her and topped it all off with her Small Paul, Julius hat.  She looked super cute and I just had to snap a quick picture.

 I’m not sure if she was telling me its 100th day or if she was calling me a loser *grin*.

Anyway, have a great 100th Day Meg!  You’ve worked so hard and deserve a day to celebrate your achievements. xoxo


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