My Little Mia Hamm

Meg has been telling me for a while that she wanted to play soccer.  I didn’t think a lot about it because she tells me she wants to do a lot of things, but doesn’t always mean it. 

 The soccer thing though kept coming up over and over.  My sister told me about a soccer league in our area that had a good beginner program so I finally said okay and signed her up.

Daddy and Meg went to the local sports store where they hooked her up with some cute, pink, Adidas cleats and shin guards and I headed to target to get her some Umbro shorts and socks.

Last Saturday was her first practice and she did great shooting on goal, tapping and passing. 

She was excited to get her jersey and find out that she had the same number as Mommy’s favorite player, Waynee Rooney, from Man. United. 

They even managed to get a little scrimmage match in.

Meg had a blast, but I don’t think she realized that soccer is a contact sport.  She’s definitely not aggressive by nature and was quick to tell me that another girl had pushed her!  Giggling I told her ” Meg you have to use your body to push people in soccer to get the ball.”   “Ohh okay Mommy!” 

This week she played goalie for a little bit, but the coach (daddy) decided she was better on the field after she let two balls, rolling at a snails pace, go in the goal.  Hubby said it was hysterical to see Meg look at the kids running at her, look at the ball and sort of go “Naaah” deciding it wasn’t worth the risk. *grin*  It’s gonna be fun watching her learn and grow, till then she’ll always be my little Mia Hamm.

5 thoughts on “My Little Mia Hamm

  1. How cute; I miss those soccer days. My son and younger daughter really got into it. But the older daughter, not so much. My rule was they had to finish whatever they started but she was determined to last the season just to get the little soccer trophy all the team got. She still has it 13 years later, but that was the end of her soccer career.


  2. So cute and I love that she was shocked that someone pushed her. I didn’t play soccer until my adult life and I felt the same way.

    We’re thinking of signing G up for soccer in March but he’s only 3. Still, two of his friends play and love it.

    Good luck Meg!


  3. That’s so cute. Logan has been playing for 4 years now and loves it. It is fun to watch them learn the game and get into it. Where is she playing at???? Hope she has a good season and you have a lot of fun watching her.


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