Better late than never…

So it was my birthday a few weeks back!  Okay it was almost a month ago!  I’ve been busy with school give me a break already *grin*. 

Did you know I happen to share my birthday with  a certain ground-hog called Punxsutawney Phil?  

So you’ve heard of him!

Yep my birthday is on Groundhog’s Day and yes I’ve seen the movie!  It’s actually one of my favorite Bill Murray movies.  Anyway I digress…

My mum and sister, who I thought were just coming over for a cup of tea, surprised me with a lovely lunch from Olive Garden. 

It was a fun day, just us girls and my wee nephew having a giggle.

JUMP ON Logan we’re gonna go for a ride. 🙂

NO Aunty K we have to do the magic dance first… Go on then Logan, teach me!

We had a good chuckle and it was really nice to relax for a change and just enjoy family. 

Meg couldn’t wait till my birthday so a few days earlier, after going to her cousin Lenny’s football game, she surprised me with a Victorian sponge cake. 

She made it herself (well with a little help from Daddy)  and was so proud of it.  I have to say it was absolutely scrumptious!!  It made for a lovely treat after freezing our butts off at the football game. 

All in all I had a fab birthday!  Oooo you’ll have to wait for my Musical Monday to see what my sister got me. 

 To be continued… 

5 thoughts on “Better late than never…

  1. Just found your blog and didnt want to leave without wishing you a Happy Belated birthday and the very best for the year ahead. 365 blank pages which you may to your best liking.


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