Secrets of the closet!!

My sister directed me to a very cool blogger over at Notes From Lapland who wrote a very bold post about supermarket sex toys which reminded me of a similar embarassment I once had. She’s very funny so make sure you check her out!

Okay, so how many of you have been to or even hosted one of those parties? 

You know the ones! 

Where you invite all your closest girlfriends and giggle at the smorgesboard of pleasure toys and creams at your fingertips.   Well, when you host these parties, you get a lot of free stuff and let’s just say I kind of went to town one or two or three times!  Let’s call this the Karma Sutra period of my life.

With an ever inquisitive little girl, all it took was for her to come walking out of my closet once wielding a brand new buzzing toy for me to decide it was time to down-size my collection.  

I layed them all out on a shelf determined to say goodbye to most of them and draped them with one of my silky scarves.  Well, somehow I got sidetracked and just kind of forgot they were there.

Cut to a week later when the air con in my house decided to kick the bucket mid-summer.  Yeah, I had to call out one of our good friends who has an air con company to come and sort it out.

It wasn’t until after he left that it dawned on me he had to go into the attic to get to the root of the problem by going through my closet.  Yeah!  Past my umm collection.




I still don’t know to this day if he actually saw them lying there.  I just know when I ran to the closet the scarf was no longer covering the goods and I turned all shades of red.  If he did see them it’s something that’s remained unsaid to this day.  Quite frankly, I don’t plan on asking him anytime soon! Needless to say and still blushing, I disposed of most of them straight away. 

My sister and I like to have a wee giggle now and then about not only what our poor ole air con friend must have thought, but also what a shock the garbage men might’ve had if the trash started buzzing.  I can imagine it now the bomb squad being called out to my address, news cameras everywhere, only to find what they thought to be a ticking time bomb was only a few naughty, plastic,  toys concealed in a black garbage bag.  Oh the shame!

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