Take That…

Yeah!  Take that ass fat and panic attacks! I’ve charged up my MP3 player and I’m headed out for a walk/run this morning.  Nervous about getting out there, but even if I only make it up the street and back it’s a step in the right direction.  I’ve got a long road of ups and downs ahead of me, but I’ll beat these panic attacks if it kills me.

Today the song I chose to get my big ol’ booty motivated and moving is Take That’s “Greatest Day.”  Oh and it doesn’t hurt that they’re all scrummy yummy men to look at! *Grin*

Psssst… Can you help me out?  I need some ideas for songs to put on my MP3 player so I can keep my groove going.  Tell me… what songs keep you moving when you’re trying to shed a few extra pounds?

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10 thoughts on “Take That…

  1. Well done, even a walk down the street is better than not doing it in the first place. I find Queen, Don’t Stop me Now, gets me out of bouts of tiredness, how can it fail!!!!!!


  2. Get out there girl!!! You know you’re awesome you can do it! I love to walk and I go longer when I am lost in music, Cher has great walking sounds, the Go Go’s (we got the beat) Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves, Walk like an Egyptian by the Bangles here is a link to a cd I used to walk to that has many of these songs and lots more walking tunes! you can browse through the songs!


  3. k, im not a big exercising fan lol but if that’s your way, YOU GO!!!!! do it girl!!!!!!!

    when i wanna get motivated i always listen to some fun disco – kc & the sunshine band and stuff like that!! that’s the way – uh huh uh huh i like it! 🙂

    p.s. i like the song you posted!


  4. You’re right, some nice men to look at too. Love the song, very motivating. Think I’ll put it on my Ipod!
    I also like Bon Jovi to get me movin…”It’s my life”
    I just started trying to widdle down my big bum.


  5. LOL I’ll have to dig out my old walking/running ipod shuffle – I had some crazy pop/rap/hip hop stuff on there – everything very upbeat and I always stayed motivated! (Until the rain drowned me out that is!) LOL


  6. Richard Simmons exercising to the oldies – seriously don’t laugh…. he cracks me – so corny – so out there that I can’t help but laugh and move…..

    Great song – have not heard it before.

    Love to you


  7. I’ve never heard Take That, but I’m impressed. Check Out My last Music Monday selection “It Hugs Back” – then click the New Music Monday category, scroll down and listen to Little Comets – The first group I think you would like, and the second group I think I would likely use as workout music if I didn’t prefer techno for exercise music.


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