2010 Annual Walk For Epilepsy

Did you know today is the day that thousands of people who live with and support epilepsy will show up in D.C. to walk and raise awareness for the cause? 

The Annual National Walk for Epilepsy is a cause near and dear to our hearts so please, if you can, Donate to our virtual walk or take the time to Talk About It

There are many myths and stigmas attached to epilepsy and you can check some of them out by clicking HERE.  

You can also read more about our journey with epilepsy , which started back in 2002 when Meg had her first seizure.

Thanks to you and all your support last year we were able to raise money and educate people through the blogasphere and are hoping to do it again. 

From the bottom of our hearts thanks again for all your support!

To see what it’s all about click HERE.

3 thoughts on “2010 Annual Walk For Epilepsy

    1. Aww Casey thank you. Again! I know in this economic climate it’s very difficult to give anything extra. Thanks so much for your support last year and this year it means ever so much! xx


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