Say Goodbye to Florida Teachers…

Today I’m urging you, if you live in Florida, to call and voice your opposition to HB7189 to the speaker of the house.  Passing this bill will push many teachers out of the state of Florida as it reduces salaries and talks about bonuses based on student achievement.  This bill also tells me those teachers that do stay will be less likely to teach a child with learning disabilities because of how student achievement will affect their pay.  My sister over at If I Could Escape has a teacher guest speaking who goes into more detail about the bill please head over there and check it out.  I personally haven’t talked to a single educator, Democrat or Republican, in our county who supports this bill.  So please call 850-488-1450 and voice your opposition to HB7189.  Let’s support our teachers and keep them in Florida!


Gone Bananas Family

3 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to Florida Teachers…

  1. Don’t even get me started. Its hard enough to keep the good ones, this will send the remaining ones running for the hills!


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