Gone Bananas In Miami

So this week hubby, Meggers and I are in Miami!  Here’s a few highlights of our super long car ride.

 “Mommy there’s a big brown bug back here.”.

I look back don’t see anything, ask her a few questions, write it off as a mosquito or moth.

“Mommy it’s still back here!”.

Me still not seeing anything thinks she’s exagerating.

“Meg it’s probably just a moth it won’t hurt you.”

The fifth time she freaks out a little, I look back and there’s a HUGE stick bug on the window next to her.

Yeah look closely it blends with her dress a bit.  Yep it’s almost the width of her thigh. 

“Opps sorry I didn’t believe ya Meg!”

 Ahh guilt a glorious part of motherhood!!

We actually had to make two pit stops. The first to rid Meg of the stick bug that came back after we thought we had gotten rid of it by winding down the window.  How else do you think I got that picture. *grin*

And… umm… Meg had to go number one AND number two when we were on a stretch of road with absolutely NOTHING around, 192 to be exact. 

So, my apologies to the orchard farmer who finds a big steamy pile off his access road, but she’s only seven and she had to go.

 Anyway, we’re here! That’s right me and my anxiety ridden ass made it!  It was a five hour trip to Miami and we’re gonna have some fun darn it! 

So my Musical Monday this week is in keeping with our trip it’s Will Smith’s “Welcome to Miami” enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Gone Bananas In Miami

  1. you’re in the south? for reals? Oh man!!!! So close but yet so far!!! What parts? and why the heck would you want to be in Miami? Just sayin!!! LOL


  2. I always forget that Will is a famous rapper.
    Real cool!

    Sorry that I am late in my visits and comments.

    Have you a great week!

    Mine is here


    Happy MM! Mine is here hugs, shakira


  3. Poor kid. When you gotta go, you gotta go!

    That stick bug is gigantic! Although I will take a thousand of them vs. the cockroach I smashed to death this morning. Yuck.

    Hope you enjoy this part of Florida. The weather has been lovely. Warm but clear skies. Hopefully it will stay that way while you’re here. Although you still couldn’t convince me to go in the ocean yet, the waters are a tad chilly for my taste. 😉


  4. Hey Krystal – Yeah we’re in the south!!! We’re about 25 mins from South Beach in Ft. Lauterdale. Hubby had some work so we’re making a vacation out of it.

    Kelly – How can you not dance to Will Smith right?!

    Kaz – Thanks! Get ready for us next week!!!

    Shakira – No worries I’m always here if you ever wanna visit. lol 😉

    Ms. Bear – I read about that burrowing roach… Yikes!! I say we get an arena: STICK BUG vs. ROACH BUG. Ding, ding, ding!!!! I think tickets would sell. lol

    PS. The water was a little chilly!!!

    Diana – Thanks!

    Faizah – OMG it was HUGE!!! Meg was so brave to sit there while I took a picture. I TOTALLY would have ran screaming. lol


    1. Ahhh you are so close to me!!!!! and yeah, the beach is too cold right now but what the heck do i know? I haven’t been to the beach in almost 9 years!!! Hope you guys are having fun and sorry about the crappy weather today – the humidity did not do a thing for my hair, yours?


  5. A couple of years ago we were at a small park with no bathroom. Clown M had to poop and he was recently potty trained. No possibility of holding it going on here. So I walked him into some trees, covered my hands in baby wipes and had him squat. I caught the poop in my covered hands, wrapped it up and put it in a trash can. Why couldn’t I leave it on the ground? Because if you can get a hefty fine for leaving dog poop on the ground what would stop them from fining kid poop?


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