Spring Break – Joy

This weeks topic for Tara’s Gallery over at Sticky Fingers is Joy and there’s nothing like a family vacation to create some lovely memories and bring a little  joy into our life. 

Like when we went to the Miami Children’s Museum and I had a giggle as Meg attacked hubby with a giant toothbrush.

 Meg and hubby jumping the waves and trying not to fall down as the waves rushed back out to sea on Ft. Lauderdale beach.

Meg giggling as she and I played on the beach.

Collecting shells.

The gullies on the beach.

Watching Meg discover nature at Butterfly World.

And capturing this awesome shot of a beautiful Monarch butterfly are just a few things that brought me joy on our Spring Break Vacation. 

What brings you joy?  Head over to Tara’s to see more.

6 thoughts on “Spring Break – Joy

  1. Thanks Brighton Mum and Magic Mummy! I’d of never got those shots if it weren’t for Butterfly World as my photography is usually amatuer at best. *grin* I was dead chuffed at how they came out.


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