Music Monday – Gary Go

Things have been up and down around here lately!  Had a horrible panic attack this weekend, worst one in a long time. Uggh!  It really scared me, but I gotta keep fighting and pushing myself otherwise it wins.

On a positive note we had an awesome spring break vacation and I’ve just finished my first semester back at college!  I did really well got an “A” and a “B” and I’ve already signed up for the summer session. 

So I heard this new artist from London and I fell in love with this song, it just kind of hit home for me! His name is Gary Go and the song is “Open Arms” Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Music Monday – Gary Go

  1. Brave girl for getting through the attack and congratulations on your college course and grades, you clever thing you. xxxx


  2. Congratulations on your grades , good job.
    Panic attacks are bad, my son gets them .
    Getting past them is not always easy, but we do it.

    Loved your song, I have never heard it before!
    Have a good week with no attacks>


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