The World Around Us…

One of my favorite vacations was the first trip I took on my own to Arizona. Okay so I wasn’t completely alone! I went because I was dating a guy and he and his family moved to Arizona. 

It was such a fun trip, his family were lovely and they made sure we had a full agenda of things to do while I was there.  My favorite part of the trip was seeing the Grand Canyon, it was amazingly beautiful and I was not prepared for how big and breath-taking  it was.

We also did some hiking in Sedona, known for it’s beautiful red rock formations and Oak Creek Canyon.  Often while hiking off the trail we’d find little hidden nooks and serene areas like this one…

I felt excited with every adventure we undertook and it was a very spiritual experience for me.  I loved the Superstitious Mountains and the Tortilla Flats.

We visited so many places:  Walnut Canyon, The Painted Dessert, Flagstaff, The Hoover Dam, Sedona, The Petrified Forest, The Superstitious Mountains.  

Of all the places that we visited the Grand Canyon was my favorite.  It was so majestic, peaceful, carved out in layers of sediment that probably held tales of days gone by.  I hope to some day take my family back there so that they can experience and enjoy it, hopefully as much as I did. 

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