Explaining the “Family Jewels”!

On a Sunday night our family loves to tune in and watch “Gene Simmons Family Jewels”.  Meg loves to copy Gene when he says at the beginning of the show “and that’s why it’s good to be… me!”

Well, the other night we were watching the show and after it was over Meg looked at me and asked…

“Mommy what are family jewels?”

At first I wasn’t sure what to say?

“Well Meg, it can mean a number of things… It can mean jewelry passed down through generations of family, but I think what Gene means is that his family, his wife and kids, are like his precious jewels.” 

Yeah that’s a good explanation right?! Phew! Go with it Kirst!  Except I started to think what if she decided to use these words at school?  So… I thought I better go a step further and explain the not so polite use of the word.

“Meg you have to be careful how you use the term though because some people refer to a boys private parts as “family jewels”. 

Meg started to snicker and I knew this was gonna come back to haunt me.

“Oh okay Mommy!”

 Meg was satisfied with my answers and the topic was dropped.


A few days later we had my husbands parents over for dinner and we were all sitting around talking. (You know where this is going right?!)

Meg was playing with Beary Bear, giving him spelling tests and nattering away to herself.

Erich’s mum and I were talking when Meg came up to me and asked

“Mommy what’s that name for privy parts?”

Not even thinking about our conversation I replied

“Which one Meg?  Va Jay Jay? (don’t ask! It’s a long story too *grin*)”

“No mommy J’wlz!”

It clicked! I knew exactly what she was talking about.  I looked at hubby’s mum and started laughing.

“She means family jewels!”

“Yeah THAT one! How do you spell family jewels Mommy?”

Hubby’s mum, who has a great sense of humor, started laughing and I couldn’t help but chuckle as well.

“That’s not really an appropriate spelling word Meg!”

She settled on another word and went back to playing happy as could be.

I had to laugh again later when she showed me Beary Bear’s spelling list, because there at number four was “famly juwls”.

SO tell me… what have you had to explain to your kids that came back to haunt you?

3 thoughts on “Explaining the “Family Jewels”!

  1. Haha. I would guess an explanation like that would have been too good to pass up. You definitely put a wrinkle in her brain with that one. It’s always the stuff you want them to forget that they remember and rehash when you least expect it. lol.


  2. I like that show, too. Have you seen the one where he joined his kids on their vacation and kept following them around? The daughter was doing some project for school, I think. P.S. You can tell her that story when she is older and embarrass her!


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