I Think I’m Gonna Cry…

My Mother’s Day came a little early when Meg decided to write me this poem.

My Mommy is so special she loves me with all her heart.

She helps me with my homework and tells me I am smart.

She makes me very happy when I am feeling blue,

So this poem is to tell her – Mommy I love you!

If that wasn’t enough she spoiled me with this beautiful picture.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better she told me to sit down and close my eyes.  When I opened my eyes she had a cute little bag she’d decorated at school for Mother’s Day.  Inside the bag was a beautiful little flower-pot with a Marigold in it.  On the side of the pot written in red puff paint was the word “MOM”.  It was accompanied by a book she’d put together called “Mom You’re the Greatest!”

Meg the best part of my life is having you in it!  I’m truly blessed!

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