Music Monday ~ Crazy Bands

Meg has been going on and on about these Crazy Bands that are all the rage right now with the kiddos!  They’re these cute, brightly colored, rubber band bracelets that come in all different shapes from love hearts to princesses.  Do they remind you of anything?

The 80’s right?!  When she put them on I had flashbacks of a certain someone trying to dress like a certain 80’s Pop star.  Okay an 80’s icon!

Um… yeah that’s me thinking I was Madonna back in the day!  Don’t laugh!  Okay do *grin* I remember dressing up with my sister, dancing around our bedroom, listening to Madonna on our record player.  The 80’s to me were fabulous years of fashion, awkwardness, puberty, and dreams of being a (insert SNL pose here) “Supa Star”. 

So for music monday I’m going to take us back to the 80’s with Madonna’s “Dress You Up”.  Enjoy!

What are some of your favorite 80’s fashions?  Was it the whirly skirt?  leg warmers? Jellies?  Go on share…

8 thoughts on “Music Monday ~ Crazy Bands

  1. Ha. I remember the rubber bracelets. I always wanted but never had the thick stacks of them the other girls had. My sister just let me in on the crazy bands trend, they haven’t made their way to our schools just yet, but I hear they get frequently sold out. Wish I’d had that brainstorm!


  2. When I was in college – I thought I was Madonna…lol Yep – we all did in the early 80’s… the hair, the black bra, and the big lacy bow in our hairs… We were hot!

    Great song – great pick

    Love to you


  3. The 80’s rocks!! 🙂

    I was 14 when I heard Madonna’s songs. Every girl in school wanted to be Madonna, with bangles and big wavy hair and the black shades 😀


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