Just A Quickie

Not that kind of Quickie! Geez! *grin*  A quickie update on what we’ve been up to.

Last year Meg had to have a grape-sized cyst removed from her lower jaw (you can click HERE for more info).  So Monday she had her one year check up to make sure it hadn’t returned and we were ecstatic when  her doctor gave us the all clear. Yay!  

Going in we were a little worried that it might be coming back because she was showing a little sensitivity in the same area as her surgery.  However, it turns out it was just sensitive gums near where she had her princess crown and a little medicated mouthwash would clear it right up! 

Meg was a big girl at both dentist visits and was well pleased that all she had to have done was a cleaning.  Oh and she made sure Beary Bear had his teeth cleaned too!

To add to the stress *grin* I started my summer session at school!  I wasn’t going to take summer courses, but then thought it’ll get two more classes out of the way in a short period of time so I signed up. 

 What the*BLEEP* was I thinking? crossed my mind when I logged in on Monday, but you’ll be happy to know that after taking a few shots of vodka and some happy pills I’m fine with it.

Really! I am… *blink, blink*

 I kid of course!   I’m actually quite excited!

What else have we been up to?  Hmmm… 

 Oh yeah! 

 We’re getting the roof replaced on our house!  I guess it’s about time because the dang thing is ancient, fifteen plus years old, and if we didn’t it might end up looking something like this which is not my house I might add.

I’m just hoping that the job gets done right and praying the roofers look something like this…

and not so much this…

So wish us luck on the whole roofing experience as I’ve heard some horror stories. 

PS  If the roofers look anything like the first picture I’ll be completely unavailable as I’ll be out serving lemonade and ice-cold beer, in an apron and heels, trying my best to look like a MILF good hostess!  *wink* 

Right I’m off to study and get my house clean so I will see you all on Monday with my music pick for the week.  Have a great weekend!

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