Music Monday ~ Rollercoaster

So our Meg went on a school trip to Sea World this past Friday and tried her very first roller coaster!  This was a HUGE step for Meg considering she doesn’t even like to go high on a swing.  I was soooo proud of her for giving it a go, she’s the one in the yellow t-shirt and sunglasses! 

Yep that’s her… up in the air…  six cars from the back!!!

An this is her unable to get off the roller coaster fast enough!

Meg said this was her first and last ride on a roller coaster!  She said it was fun but she didn’t EVER want to do it again. *Grin*

So today for music monday Meg and I both picked songs hers is from Lilo & Stitch it’s called Hawaiin Roller Coaster.

Mine is the Red Hot Chilli Peppers “Roller Coaster of Love”.  Enjoy!

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