Music Monday – Vampires

Sorry I’ve not posted in a while I’ve been superbly busy with school and well we’re in Miami again!  So I’ve been juggling time between the books and spending time with the family at the beaches! *grin*

I have to say I’m so excited as June’s bringing all my favorite vampires back!   That’s right Edward and Jacob are back to battle over and protect Belle in the move Eclipse from the Twilight saga. 


Oh it doesn’t stop there Eric, Bill and Sookie are back along with that sexy shape shifter Sam in True Blood.

So my Music Monday is all about my favorite, fabulously fanged vamps on the telly and big screen!

The first song is the theme song from True Blood called “Bad Things” by Jace Everett. 

The second song is by Muse, it accompanies a preview of Eclipse, the third movie in the Twilight saga and it’s called Neutron Star Collision. Enjoy!

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