Random Tuesday Thoughts


I haven’t participated in RTT in a while but I’m long overdue so here goes…

My mum gave me a bar of soap that says the cover is embedded with seeds.  So basically you can plant it and grow stuff?  How weird is that! I guess it is a way of giving back?  I’m just not sure I like it wrapped around my soap?!

I HAVE A DISHWASHER!!!! Yes the heavens have opened up and the  angels have sung hallelujah!  For years I envied every friend who didn’t have to slave over the sink after having a dinner party.  However, I was disappointed once it was installed because I didn’t have a dish to put in it?  Sooo… this morning I quickly made myself a bowl of oatmeal and taa daa…

Yeah don’t hate on the hair it took years to perfect my sleep patterns and look like that in the morning! *grin*  Now the only problem is we fight over who gets to load said dishwasher!   Sad I know!

Okay to challenge my anxiety a friend of mine and I started a Mom’s Night Out group!  It’s going really well, but I feel terrible that my friend has to sometimes talk me up before we got out.  Last night we went to the movies and I was a basket case about an hour and a half before hand.  My anxiety was so bad I texted her several times and she called me back laughing which in turn made me giggle a little.  I told her I wasn’t sure if I should’ve started the club?  Maybe that person a few years ago, who in a streak of meanness trying to defend her own bad behavior by saying I wasn’t capable was… right?!  That really was a pot shot to my self-esteem at the time!  My girlfriend was so supportive and basically said don’t  go there!  You get nervous but you’re great once you’re out!  You can do it!  I thought you know what I can do it!  We ended up going out and having a great time and the ladies I’ve met so far are fabulous!  So I’m on a mission… I’m out to make new friends I just have to remember in order to make friends you’ve really gotta put yourself out there and be one!

Meg is having a few melt down issues!  I’m not sure how to deal with them?  I don’t know if it’s only child syndrome, OCD, or what?  She gets where she has to finish something and if I ask her to stop to do something else she has a total melt down!  Has anyone had this problem?  Can you recommend any books?

Help!  The grass in my back yard is like the Columbia forest! 

I put down grass seed in the sandy patches of my yard and was quite chuffed when little patches of grass began to sprout!

However, I think I’ve let hubby get away with the “I’m giving your grass a chance to grow” excuse for too long!  If we don’t cut the grass soon we’re going to lose the dog or worse 

 “Meghan…  Meghan where are you?” 

Speaking of grass my husband and I are thinking of starting a new business called “Pasty Faced Tosser and Fat Slag Lawn Service!”  What do you think?  Would you hire us?  *chuckle*

Ach well!  For more RTT head over to Keely’s Place  where you’re sure to be amused!

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