Makin’ Memories

Meg had a superb week full of surprises for her birthday, one of which was last Thursday when  my sister Karen over at If I Could Escape took Meg for her very first manicure and pedicure.   So I dropped her off at the salon to spend some quality pamper time with her awesome aunty!

While there she told the young girl doing her pedi all about her planned Justin Bieber Birthday Party which resulted in this really cute pedicure.

Next she was on to the manicure and was excited to tell me they’d wrote on her arm in lotion “I Love JB” and then massaged it in.

Meg told me she felt like a princess when she got her mani/pedi and couldn’t wait till she got to do it again.  I told her she absolutely looked like a pampered princess and I was sure Aunty Karen would jump at the chance to take her again.

My sister and Meg were eager to show us the end results and both looked relaxed from their pampering experience.

Of course I had to chuckle because the lady who did Meg’s nails had also written I heart JB on her finger nails and Meg kept going around showing them off!  The only problem was the lady had placed the hearts on her middle fingers…

I swear she doesn’t know what it means, but had us in stitches!  Ahhh who knew makin’ memories could be so much fun!

10 thoughts on “Makin’ Memories

  1. I saw these pics over at your sis’s place and thought it was so cool that she and Meggers got a girl’s day out! And that middle finger situation is hilarious.


  2. What a great outing for them. You’re never too young for some pampering, unless you’re a baby and can’t properly sit for a pedi. ;)Hope she has a wonderful J B themed celebration, hopefully she won’t flash her middle finger appreciation at the guests. That was too funny.


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