Jimmy Fallon Rocks The Emmys

Jimmy Fallon did a great job hosting the Emmy’s last night and kept us entertained with opening numbers like this one!

and his tribute to television shows we’ve said goodbye to over the past year was bloody brilliant.

Although at 10PM I had to tivo the rest of the Emmy’s as I had a date with some vampires! I can’t help it! I love my True Blood!

7 thoughts on “Jimmy Fallon Rocks The Emmys

  1. OH Kirsty the glee thing is hilarious I keep expecting the Boos to pop out during the song but I love the video, Fallon can actually sing! OMG them seeing him as Elton! Oh plze too funny!
    BTW I LOVE True Blood! seen every episode since #1


  2. How clever this is. I really liked that tribute. It was awesome. Very well done. As far as Glee…never laid eyes on that show LOL 🙂 Have a great MM 🙂


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