Music Monday ~ The Outfield

I went to four different high schools growing up, which made fitting in or at least feeling like I fit in somewhat challenging.  I didn’t get to  move through the grades with that comfort of knowing my best friend or friends would be there to share each milestone, instead each year I was the new kid and had to put on a brave face in the hopes that the other kids would like and accept me into their circle. 

 The anxiety of being the new kid in my last year of high school didn’t really let me enjoy the experience.  Let’s face it kids can be pretty cruel!  I went through the motions, I made friends, I partied, I rebelled, I got my first serious boyfriend, etc…  However, there was always something missing, something lacking, maybe the fear of moving again?

I didn’t get to go to prom and I wasn’t allowed to walk in my graduation ceremony, I don’t even think I was in the senior yearbook? Let’s just say High School, for me wasn’t your average Molly Ringwald or John Cusack experience, I didn’t have a Ducky to confide in and take me to prom or a Lloyd Dobler standing outside my window holding a boombox… 

You know what I did have though? Music!  I loved music!  I would grab a tape, pop it in the stereo, fast forward to my favorite song and just jam out!  Each song held a memory, a sort of soundtrack to my life experiences.

One memory I have is of a friend and  I heading over to our slightly older boyfriends houses singing  along, at the top of our lungs and giggling to this song. I remember we had our hair and makeup done, the smell of cheap perfume, the giddy nervousness of what the night would bring! 

I dated Rob for a while unbeknown to my family who thought my weekends away were spent at my girlfriends houses.  We had great chemistry and flirty banter that made me giggle and my heart beat just that little bit faster.  He made me forget about school and we had a lot of really great moments!  Eventually our relationship fizzled out as it became harder for me to sneak out and as another girl entered the picture, but we always stayed friends…


 up until the day he took his own life.



It was a tough year but every once in a while I’ll put on this album and think about the fun times I had with him. 



Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think if he were alive today we’d have some great life together!  We were from two completely different worlds and it was your typical short lived high school romance.  I’m more sorry that he’ll never get to experience some of the joys in life that I have.  I guess in a way I feel I failed him as a friend and it makes me sad to think he felt that alone.


8 thoughts on “Music Monday ~ The Outfield

  1. It’s tough, and it’s amazing how a song can take you right back to that very moment. I had a fiend whoi died when he was 26. An very sudden illness that took him in 2 days. We were shocked, like you… the one song that will take me back to the day he died was Oasis and Champagne Supanova…. not a great fan, but that the song that does it.

    Music is such a strong powerful tool, and if it gives you some great memories.. play it again Sam ….


  2. Oh, Kirsty, I am so sorry. You didn’t fail him as a friend – sometimes people give no indication of what is going on inside and it’s pretty common in young men. Such a waste tho.

    In yet another parallel, I went out with a bloke when I was 17/18 who had an extremely bright but reserved elder brother. He was a complete genius. Andy and I broke up not long after I went to Uni, but our parents kept in touch for years (his mum still sends my mum a Christmas card with a letter about everything going on in the family etc). His brother took his own life about 10 years later. Totally stunned everybody as they had no idea.

    Big hugs to you. Love the music. Was listening to some of it last night. x


  3. Wow I have not heard The Outfield in forever! So I guess you were a true 80’s kinda girl. This has such a great sound and I have not listened in so long I wonder why……. Thanks for playing along Kirsty!


  4. OH wow…I haven’t heard this in like forever. It’s wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing the videos and your story. Very well done my friend. Have a great day 🙂


  5. Oh babes. I know you had it tough going through school and I’m so sorry for that. And I don’t think you failed him as a friend at all. This us a beautiful, raw post. Hugs. x


  6. When you recommended this album to me I had no idea what deep resonance it had for you. Incredible story and one which you seem to have come out of well. You can’t beat yourself up over “failing him” coz it ain’t true.

    Great post. Great music.


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