Gallery – Smile

Inspired by @DaveFowler’s Mona Lisa Million project, “Smile” is the topic for Tara’s Gallery today over at Sticky Fingers!  I thought I’d put a slightly different twist on it and instead make it a couple of pictures that really made me smile if not chuckle.

So one night as we were having dinner I noticed the light was casting brilliant shadows on our dining room wall.  After doing all the animals one does when making shadow puppets on the wall we decided to go a step further and use Meg as a prop! 

Tell me what you think? Is she a little angel?

Or is she a cheeky little devil?

I don’t know why but the last one always makes me think of the book “where the wild things are?”

Maybe it’s the fork. 🙂

Oh go on then I’ll add one of my favorite pictures of Meg smiling too!  This was taken at a restaurant on Fort Lauderdale beach!  Daddy was making Meggers giggle and I just love how it turned out!

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