The Gallery ~ Food

Today Tara’s Gallery over at Sticky Fingers is all about a topic that puts pounds on  close to my arse heart…


I love food! 

 Unfortunately, it loves me too only in lbs (or stone depending on where you live)!  Whatever I eat does not pass go or collect 200 dollars, it goes straight to my arse, but I digress!

A large portion of my childhood was spent in the UK so you can imagine how happy I was when some of our local grocery stores started bringing in the British goods! 

However, I was not so happy with some of the prices. 

For this small 9 Oz box of Quality Streets it costs roughly 5 pounds and 23 pence!

One item that’s sometimes worth the price, only because it never gets old watching my American friends faces when I ask if they’d like some…

Me… I like me good ol’ milk chocolate Hobnobs with a cuppa tea!

If you love food as much as I do head on over to the Gallery where there’s a smorgasbord of goodies sure to make your mouth water!

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