Qui Chef: Take One… French Toast!

So Beckicklesie over at Beckicklesie Brew Drinking Thinkings invited me to partake in her Oui Chef Virtual Kitchen this week!  Her family believes that nothing brings family closer together than a family dinner and I tend to agree. 

 The Qui Chef virtual kitchen is a great way to share favorite recipes and earn points, badges and fun stuff  for all your favorite recipes so make sure you check it out.

This weeks prompt was mum’s cooking!

There are so many different directions I could have taken with this prompt because my own mum loves to cook and is a fabulous at it. My mum  always made sure we sat down to a wonderful spread at dinner time, so much so that we used to beg her sometimes just to have something simple, quick and on the go.  Looking back we really didn’t appreciate all the time and effort she put into our meals and only now that we’ve become parents ourselves do we really appreciate it.  

 However, because I am not even close to achieving the culinary skills that my own mother possesses, today I thought I’d go with one of our Meg’s favorite breakfast foods that I make…

French Toast!

Simple enough right?!

Meg is a pretty picky eater when it comes to breakfast foods, but I always know, when in a pickle for what to make her, she’ll eat my French Toast.  So without further adieu here it is…

First you will need a few ingredients:

Multi-grain Bread (Meg prefers white bread, but I like the texture of the multi-grain better)

1-2 eggs (depending on how much you plan to make)

 A splash of milk

A little bit of cream to give it a richer flavor

A splash of Orange Juice

A little bit of Vanilla Extract

Nutmeg (be careful not to put too much nutmeg so as not to over power the cinnamon)


Wisk all of these ingredients together to get a consistency that looks a little like this…


When your mixture is ready dip your bread and coat each side nicely with the mixture.

 Your pan should already be hot and coated with a little bit of butter when you’re ready to cook your dipped bread.

Cook to a nice golden color on each side and then plate it. 

Sprinkle a little confectioners powdered sugar over it and voila…

French Toast!

Meg likes to dip her toast so I usually put the Maple Syrup on the side. 

You can also garnish it with a little side of fruit, maybe some raspberries or blueberries? I’ve even been known to grate a little chocolate over it. Yummy!

So there you have it! Tweek it, play with it, add your own flair to it, but what ever you do…

 I hope you enjoy it!


4 thoughts on “Qui Chef: Take One… French Toast!

  1. Oooo! Yum yum! Love it!

    I’m definitely going to try this out. I’ve not had it done quite like this before. I’ll be telling @CheffyDaddy to get in the kitchen when he gets home 😉

    Thanks for entering hun. Your badge will be with you soon!

    Becca xx


  2. Good Lord, woman, are you trying to make me eat myself into oblivion?! There is a bag of Oreos already calling my name that I am trying to ignore. LOL. Thanks for sharing – that looks delicious, too! I will have to try it!


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