November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month so Talk About It!

This post will be at the top of my blog for the rest of the month so make sure you scroll down to see new posts.

My first vlog!  Sorry if I ramble on a bit, but I was a tad nervous. 

 So tell me what you think, ask questions and Talk About It!


Did you know that 3 million people in the US live with some form of Epilepsy?  Living with Epilepsy doesn’t make you stupid or less capable than another person, it just means you have to do some things with a little more caution.   

Epilepsy is a part of our life and we’ve made the promise to“Talk About It” have you?  You can read more about our story here.

The most important thing you can do is get educated!  Do you know what to do if you encounter someone having a seizure?
Make The Promise today to start talking about it.
The date for the 2011 National Epilepsy Walk has been set for March 27th and we are hoping to participate again.  I’m hoping to set up a virtual walk fundraiser, for those who would like to participate with us, as soon as registration begins.  Email me if you are interested at

18 thoughts on “November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month so Talk About It!

  1. I am so proud of you Kirsten. Great information I know a lot of us out there really just do not know a whole lot about epilepsy, thank you.


  2. This is one of the best posts I have “heard” (read!) for a long time, and I truly mean that. Being epileptic myself, as you know, I understand totally what you are saying. I hope you can use my guest post at some point during November. Raising awareness is incredibly important.

    Thank you for this very information and fascinating Vlog.

    CJ xx


  3. Truly wonderful Kirsten, I enjoyed listening to your informative and uplifting vlog. As people with and without epilepsy, the more we talk and write about epilepsy the sooner awareness will arrive and the (age old) myths will eventually disappear.

    Thank you for sharing,


  4. Thanks so much for your vlog – you did a great job and I appreciate the effort you put into this. My eight year old has Epilepsy and I think it is extremely important for people to know about this disorder that so many people have to live with. I’ve tweeted about this and also mentioned it on my facebook page. Thanks again!!


    1. Hi Stephanie, My daughter is 8 too! I was a little nervous vlogging as I’m a bit bumbly when it comes to words, but I have to promise to talk about it for my daughter and others that live with epilepsy! Thanks for stopping by! Email me at and I’ll add you to my fb so we can chat! x


  5. Wonderful post! My youngest brother has epilepsy and although the subject was never shunned in our house, I am learning how much I didn’t know about the seriousness of his condition and the things my mother went through (and still does) for him. The school wouldn’t allow her to talk to his classmates about it! When he was in college he often had an ambulance called because he had a seizure. He does need to see his doctor if he has a seizure, but he doesn’t need to go to the hospital, by ambulance! That was another expense my parents didn’t need. I’m still woefully ignorant on it, yet I know more than most. I am trying to educate myself more about it. I’d love to do a guest post if you are looking for someone. Just let me know. Either way, I’ll be back to read what others have to say!


  6. heeeyyy!!!! that’s a good teaching, i’ve learned something new. thanks kirsty!!
    anywaaay, you sounded great. i love your vlog, hmmm wished i’m not that chickened to do one myself.


  7. good video. i have epilepsy myself. i was diagnosed with it when i was 10. a lot of people dont know about epilepsy. when im talking to people and tell them i dont drive because my seizures they ask why. it is so unreal how any people i tell its because i have epilepsy that say, whats that? lol


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