Gallery – Everybody loves me!

On one of the last nights my cousin was here we decided to get together to have a proper send off!  We all gathered at my mum’s house on the water and while my mum and my older brother did the cooking, my cousin, hubby and sister-in-law decided to take the kids to visit the local beach just down the road from the house to look for horseshoe crabs.  I opted to stay back because I needed to get a bit of reading done for school, but enjoyed looking at some of the lovely pictures that were captured of the kids on the beach.

That’s Meg’s cousins with their mum on the left and on the right Meg’s wading out to my cousin Archie.

Hubby took a lovely picture from the water of the beach…

After having fun splish splashing around on the beach they decided to have a stroll on the boardwalk where they stumbled across this…

What the…?  *hubby raises an eyebrow at me*

I swear I haven’t been to that beach since I was about 15!  Really! 

It made me feel a tad like Cameron Diaz in something about Mary!  Ach well, I guess I should just embrace the love!

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