I love the trees in Fall!

The weather has been lovely here in Florida the past couple of weeks!  I’m sitting here wrapped up in an oversized cardigan with a cup of tea writing all about the seasons for Tara’s Gallery this week. 

I think fall is my favorite season for a few reasons, first because it’s the only time of year Florida actually has a season other than “hot as balls” and second because it brings a few of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I’m a big nature lover and  trees are my most, favorite, part of nature as well as flowers, rivers, animals, rocks, beaches, etc. I have two gorgeous rain trees in my front yard that are beautiful this time of year.  When I first moved into my house, *mumble, mumble* years ago, they were mere twigs sprouting up from the ground.

Now they’ve grown into these lovely, big, trees that my photography does no justice. 

Their branches sprout hundreds of these brightly colored, golden seed pods in the fall.

Call me a tree hugger if you must, but I LOVE trees! 

Maybe it was the many stories I read as a child, of secret passageways in the bottom of  magical oaks or enormous redwoods, which brought me to love these beautiful, majestic gems of nature? 

What ever the reason, I will always pull out my camera when I see one that gives me that whimsical, nostalgia of childhood fables.

So, now that I’ve flooded you with my tree fetish here’s a picture of something even more adorable…

Yep! That’s my Meggers all bundled up and ready to head out with daddy to run some errands. 

What’s your favorite season?

Head over to The Gallery where there have been weather reports of all sorts.

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