My own little Avatar…

I’m a bit late with this blog post, but I’ve been a bit distracted with November being National Epilepsy Month.  If you have a moment, check out my first vlog and guest bloggers, John and Melissa who were nice enough to share their experiences with epilepsy.  Oh and I also have a wonderful guest blogger tomorrow who is going to share her journey with epilepsy, but I digress…

Back to Meg and Halloween!

Meg decided she’d like to be Neytiri from Avatar this year for Halloween and boy did it turn out great!

She almost looked like she was in Pandora… well, if it wasn’t for the tap! lol

She paired up with her friend who went as, not a Mad Scientist, but “a misunderstood scientist who just wanted to be loved!”

We didn’t trick or treat for a long time this year, but Meg was more than happy with what she got.

We had an extra giggle when we took the braids out of her hair as she started pretending to be Gene Simmons.

One more thing!  My sisters and I have started Food Fight Friday and we’d love for you to come back and link up with some of your favorite treats!

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11 thoughts on “My own little Avatar…

  1. Brilliant, she looks like she had a blast! Particularly like the Gene Simmons look. That’s an idea for next year! Mine went as a hula girl and someone from fame.


    1. Hubby gets a tad miffed because I think she has more than enough and he remembers being out till all hours collecting hoards of candy! I wouldn’t mind, but I’m the one who ends up eating it all! lol


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