Gallery – Before & After

This weeks Gallery theme is before & after!

 I was wracking my brain on what pictures to use and  I was about to give up when I stumbled across this old picture of Meg and her cousins about five years ago.  

 My sister’s eldest son handsome as ever on the left, her now middle child pulling a face on the right and Meg sat in the middle just as happy as can be being with her cousins.

 I loved the picture so much I just had to find an after picture!

 And here it is from last year…

My sister’s middle son still pulling silly faces on the left, Meg happy to be in the middle yet again, the eldest even more handsome and the newest cousin (at the time) wanting to dart over to see the last picture taken. 

 It’s just not going to be the same this year without you! xx

Psst… There’s still time to come back for Christmas!

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15 thoughts on “Gallery – Before & After

  1. Oh I do love the obligatory Christmas shot. There’s always someone with closed eyes, a finger up the nose or something equally delightful. Good times!

    Your pictures, however, are perfectly gorgeous!

    Such a lovely way to see how much everybody has grown up in the year!


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