Glee made me squeeeee!

Okay so I’ll admit it…

I’m a big “Gleek”!

 That’s a term coined for people who love the show Glee! 

Well, this weeks episode did a double twoosh for me when they had Gwenyth Paltrow do a guest spot (LOVE Gwenyth), but also when they did a Gene Kelly/Rhianna mash-up.  

I’ve always liked old movies and one of my favorite actors of the 1940’s is non other than Gene Kelly, my favorite movie of his being “For Me and My Gal”.  Why am I telling you this you might ask? Well, because Glee did a fantastic mash-up of Gene Kelly’s classic Singing in the Rain and Rhianna’s Umbrella and I absolutely loved it! Check it out…

Now if that wasn’t enough the ever talented Gwenyth Paltrow also did this cover of Cee Lo’s Forget You (original is actually another 4 letter F word ;))!

 See what I mean… Double twoosh right?!

What music is moving you this week?

9 thoughts on “Glee made me squeeeee!

  1. Love the pick. Thanks for sharing. I don’t see our followers, but I’m following you on twitter. Thanks for playing along with us. Hope to see you next week too. Happy Thanksgiving my home to yours.


  2. That was a great episode, wasn’t it? Forget You was fun, but I really loved the Singing in the Rain and Umbrella mash-up. That was incredible! Hard to believe that the show is just getting better and better.

    Speaking of mash-ups, have you seen the commercial which mixes Jingle Bells and Our House? Crazy, but it’s kind of cool.


  3. Wow that was great..Im going to start watching Glee…I have the boxed set from season 1 and have never taken the time yet..Ive heard the greatest reviews of it..thanks..!


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