The Gallery – Black & White


Today the theme over at the Sticky Finger’s Gallery is Black & White!

Meg has been talking about learning the guitar since she was about 5!  She came into the living room and debuted her one worded song “Trouble”, and announced she was starting The Apple Band!

So, when I asked Meg if she’d like to learn how to play a musical instrument she was really excited! 

 We looked around and found a great place that offered lessons. Right before we left for our first visit to the music shop, and because we believe in educational television Meg watched  an episode of Sponge Bob and decided she’d like to play clarinet instead of guitar.  I explained to Meg we would go visit the people at the music shop and see what they thought the best way to start would be.

When we got to the music shop we were given a lovely tour.  The music guy was super nice and explained all the instruments to Meg, he showed her all the different practice rooms and the recording studio.  However, once we began to talk about Meg’s fine motor skills he broke the news that she could definitely learn these other instruments, but the best place to start would be with the piano.  Meg was devastated she wasn’t going to be Squidward and we left the store with crying child in tow. 

Once we were in the car I explained to her she could learn any instrument she wanted, but music guy was just saying piano would be the best way to introduce her to music. 

“I know Mommy!  Piano is just… just… *sobs* soooo hard!”

“Meg any instrument you learn will be hard at first!”

“It will Mommy?”

“Yep!  You just have to practice and then it will get easier.”

After pondering everything for a while in the back seat of the car and a few tears…

“Okay Mommy I’ll start with piano!”

I felt my heart do a little squeeeeeee and set up the lessons when we got home!

The following Wednesday we arrived for her first lesson and she was ushered off to one of the little rooms. 

I watched through the glass panes as she listened, learned and occasionally gave me a thumbs up!

Flash forward 5 weeks and Meg’s absolutely loving piano! 

 This past week she was allowed to practice in the recording studio which was really exciting and fun for her.

She still has aspirations to learn the guitar and words can’t express how proud I am of her!

She’s my amazing little Rock Star!

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14 thoughts on “The Gallery – Black & White

  1. Awwwww That’s wonderful! I am so glad she is enjoying. I can’t wait for her first recital. 🙂 The girls love piano too. We’ll have to have them give us a concert the next time you come over.


  2. That is so gorgeous! And she really looks like she is having loads of fun!

    I love the fact that it’s come from her rather being forced down her throat like it was when I was at school.

    . . . maybe you should see if Apple will sponsor her since she obviously is inspired by them :-)!

    Really great pictures!


  3. That’s awesome that she’s interested. I remember hiding from my piano teacher when she would go to my grandma’s house because I did not want to sit down and work on it. It’s one of the things I regret now.


  4. That is soooo cool! Major props to Meg. I could never do something like that. And best of luck with progressing and maybe moving onto the guitar. By the looks of the picture, she’s a leftie? All the best guitarists are lefties. 😉


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