The Gallery – Celebration

Today’s theme for the Sticky Finger’s Gallery is Celebration!  *starts singing* “Celebrate good times come on! We got a celebration…”  I wasn’t sure what picture I would use and then I stumbled across this picture of Meg-a-roo having her own little celebration at the Christmas table last year and thought it was perfect!

 However, when I asked Moo what she thought she said she much prefered this picture as it was apparently her favorite part of Christmas last year! I mean seriously… who wouldn’t love a giant, oversized Christmas cracker?

What do you love about the Christmas season?  Me, I love decorating the house, making it festive, spending time with family and listening to Christmas tunes like this one!

8 thoughts on “The Gallery – Celebration

  1. Cute pictures!
    I love the Christmas tree and looking through the box of ornaments and remembering when we got them. This year, I found an ornament that I swear I have never seen before in my life. I’m not sure where it came from…


  2. Great pics! And I agree, that cracker is enormous. I love Christmas lights, dressing up the kids, and sometimes I wish I could combine those two things. Just kidding. Love the snow on your blog!


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