Music Monday – Bieberlicious

So I know everyone’s posting Christmas songs this week!  However, Meg went to her first concert last night and took this footage of Justin Bieber singing “Never Let You Go!”

So for Meg’s enjoyment more than anything here he is… Enjoy!

Meg gave JB a big thumbs up and is now more besotted with him than ever. 

After all,  he is “Bieberlicious” isn’t he?! 

9 thoughts on “Music Monday – Bieberlicious

  1. OMG – Justin Beiber. The kids aren’t home and I’m listening to him? I’m glad that your girl had so much fun. And it sounds like the rest of the girls there did too! 🙂

    Happy MMM.


  2. How sweet for your daughter! I love the pillowcase, too, and her smile speaks volumes. I can’t remember ever being that excited over anyone at that age. I guess I’m too old.
    Thanks for sharing her fun.
    Have a great holiday.


  3. Such sweet pictures. Gosh they both are so young and adorable!
    Guess it does start that young. My kids are pretty much past this stage.
    Merry Christmas to all of you!
    Thanks for sharing such a lovely moment.


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