Music Monday – You’re One In A Million

I’m a huge Ne Yo fan and now that Christmas is over I wanted to share my recent favorite song of his.  Enjoy! 

 If for some reason it doesn’t play click HERE!


If you can find the video it’s really cute!

7 thoughts on “Music Monday – You’re One In A Million

  1. I have never heard this before, (at least I think that’s right, cause it sounds so familiar!)
    but I sure liked it.
    Made me think of Michael Jackson for a minute!
    Happy New year.


  2. Not really my kind of type of music, but he sure is CUTE!!!
    Thanks for sharing, that is exactly what this meme is for, so everyone can share what they like. 🙂
    Can’t wait to learn more about different kinds of music next year from everyone. Happy new year to you and yours, wishing you love, health and happiness. HUGS!!


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