Mommy when can we open presents?


 As soon as everyone’s finished eating and we get the table cleared we can open presents!

*sighs from the kids*


Because they know my hubby doesn’t usually stop at one plate!  He knows that they know and giggles away while eating his second helping!

Meg and her cousins were not amused!

Who can resist these adorable faces?

Apparently my husband can! 

He’s the Adam Richman of the family, willing to take on any food challenge no matter what the cost!

I’m pleased to say I was able to pry his plate away, while Meg and her cousins helped clear the table!

The girls were able to open their pressies and there was even a little Karaoke to be had!

All in all… a great Christmas!



5 thoughts on “Mommy when can we open presents?

  1. LOL I love Allana’s expression and Erich’s stare. hee hee I don’t blame him, though. That was some fabulous food! Thanks for making it a truly special Christmas. xox


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