The Gallery – The Sycamore Tree

I love this tree!


Because this beautiful and majestic Sycamore tree resides in my back yard!

When I first moved into my house back in 1995 this tree wasn’t even  5 ft tall, it was a young and flimsy little thing. 

 Yet over the years, much like a child, it has weathered many storms, its branches have grown sturdy and its trunk tall and stong.

I love when it’s in full bloom and creates a canopy of shade under its enormous, green leaves. 

I enjoy when the rain comes and each rain drop bounces off the leaves as if each were a trampoline. 

Most of all I love when it sheds and reveals the beautiful, stark white, beneath its bark which looks fabulous against a big blue sky!

13 thoughts on “The Gallery – The Sycamore Tree

  1. Gorgeous! I really enjoyed reading your love for your tree. You should take another picture of it when the leaves return and then another in the fall when the leaves turn colors. It would be really cool to see your favorite tree in all seasons.


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