American Idol – I had a dream!

I didn’t think I’d like the new panel on American Idol last night, but have to say I was pleasantly surprised!  I still have much love for Mr. Simon Cowell and will miss his brutal honesty, but I have to say so far me likey the new panel!


The addition of Steven Tyler conjured up some… lets say… memories?! 

 When we were younger my sister told me of a sordid dream she’d had, starring none other than Jack Nicholson, and how it freaked her out as she didn’t know what to make of it!  I laughed when she told me and probably poked fun a bit until…

I had a dream! 

No, not a Martin Luther King kind of dream, but my own sordid dream starring Steven Tyler, in which we shared a bath, and I shall say no more! 

*cue love in an elevator music*

 Ever since that dream I’ve had a weird sort of sexual attraction to the man?  I know  Maybe it’s the rocker bad boy thing, the it factor or his mouth (I have a weird infatuation with mouths), but I had long forgotten about it until I watched Idol last night.  

I have to say Steven Tyler still has it and in it I mean he’s got sex appeal! There I said it! 

I like the energy he brings to the show and will probably be a fan of the new season. 

So tell me… Do you have an attraction to someone who’s so not your normal type? Have you ever had a sordid dream that freaked you out?  Go on tell us about it! 😉

7 thoughts on “American Idol – I had a dream!

  1. Hahaha

    I’ve told wifie that I wouldn’t say no to the big guy in Prison Break, Link I think his name is. Also Clint Eastwood and Gary Barlow.

    Think I should start naming some ladies now, but my mind has gone blank!!


  2. I caught up with American Idol today (first week – ITV2 – Sunday afternoons – brilliant) and I have to agree about the new panel. I was pleasantly surprised.

    Stephen’s mouth fascinates me (almost as much as Randy’s weight loss) – and I really LOL’d when he compared that young lad to Mick Jagger – so ironic hahahah.


  3. ROFL Well, I’ll tell are far as Steven Tyler he has an absolutely beautiful daughter, and the song he sang in that movie.. Don’t wanna miss a thing.. or whatever the name is I adore that song, and the video of it makes me cry. Do I have a fascination about anyone? Well, I use to like Mel Gibson when he was young like the first Lethal Weapon movie omg talk about H.O.T. And a fine butt! Do you remember that part? Now, the things lately that has been said he’s done has totally turned me off about him.


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