Sushi or not sushi, that is the question?


Every once in a while I get an urge for food from the Orient!  

In other words, I get a craving for some good old Chinese and Japanese food!

There’s a place over by my work that make the BEST Wonton soup EVAH (they make their own wontons)!  Then right next door to my favorite Wonton soup supplier is Publix!

Yes… Publix! 

 In the back, by the fish department, they have a little gentleman who makes sushi all day long and it’s soooo good!

My favorite kinds to have are the Eel and the Veggie Rolls!

So for todays Friday Food Fight I’m slapping you with some raw fish, which I didn’t know is actually quite a popular pass time! 

Don’t believe me check out these videos… 

The art of picking out the right fish to fish slap someone with! 

Didn’t realize this was what couples did in their spare time?  A type of foreplay maybe? Boy have I had it all wrong!

The sneak attack fish slap among friends! 

People who volunteer for the fish slap!  

Makes me wonder what these people are thinking?

 Hmmm… there’s a man with a giant dead fish!  I think I’ll ask him to slap me with it?  Multiple times?

When all else fails there’s always the good old Monty Python fish slapping dance!

Right I’m off to the fish market!

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6 thoughts on “Sushi or not sushi, that is the question?

  1. Nothing says “It’s the weekend.” quite like a fish slap montage ;-)!

    I’ve never had sushi, but am keen to try it one day . . . maybe . . . if there is no other option . . . it the survival of the world depends on it . . .

    Anyway, have a fabulous weekend!


  2. OMG! I LOVE SUSHI! So mad that I can’t have it right now – it’s all I want! You make your own?? That is amazing! I have never even thought to try it myself!! I bow down to you!


  3. Yum, I love sushi. Funny, I had sashimi for lunch today and can you believe I forgot to take a picture of it? What was I thinking?! I love to take pictures of my food. I must have been way too hungry.

    Publix’s sushi is o.k. in a pinch, but I tell ya, we’ve got some fantastic sushi places down here by me. Sushi Alive is my favorite. Mmmmmmmm…Now I’ve craving spicy tuna rolls.


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