Avast, me hearties! It’s a pirate invasion!

So this past weekend, my brother and his family invited my hubby and Meg-a-roo to join them in down town Tampa for the Annual Gasperilla Children’s parade! 

What’s Gasperilla you ask?

Only a fabulous parade or should I say pirate invasion that happens every year in downtown Tampa! 

Meg donned her best pirate attire (with a little help from her cousins Emma and Allana) and embarked on her first  maiden voyage to Gasperilla!

At first she was a little apprehensive, but it didn’t take long for her to let loose and demand some beads!

Can you spot her?

*Throw some beads this way ye scallywags*

I’ll make it easier for you!

She’s the one being eaten by the pelican in this picture!

The pirates threw lots of beads and when Meg and her cousins were done they soon found a spot to share their bounty!

Each was happy with their loot!  Arrrrgggh!

There was even time to have a wee pirate snuggle with Grandma and the youngest of the cousin pirates baby Liam!

He may be little but he’s one fierce little pirate!

Waaaaaasssss Upppppppp!

 I wish I could’ve gone, but I had to work!  I knew they wouldn’t be back till late, so I went over to a friends house to do a little scrap booking (pics to come soon)!

Meg had such a great time at the parade! 

She stayed up really late waiting for me to get home so she could tell me all about it and show me her loot!

Me thinks it was a fabulous day!

All the pictures are courtesy of my sister-in-law over at Run DMT!  So make sure you pop over and tell her I sent ya! 


For more fabulous photography pop over to Sticky Fingers and link up to The Gallery!


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